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Maxime Godrie | Web Developer

Hello, i’m maxime I was born in France on 1992. I graduated in IT Programming and for a while working as a developer has been a significant part of my life, particularly front-end and back-end development. I'm currently working in a digital agency called
Redfox in Sydney, Australia. I've also worked in the French Air Force, web agencies in UK and freelance. Due to the various areas I've worked in I feel a certain ease adapting to new experiences and I am a really fast learner.

Socially I'm an easy going guy, with a sharp sense of humor and a cool attitude facing life, we only live once right? But most of all, I love travelling and seing my life as an international one. I am actually planing on moving to Australia with my partner. To find out more about my profesionnal life and experiences you can have a look at my online cv here.

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